Train and Educate The Youth: Get A Balanced Nation

Youth development is a major resource asset if a nation intends to increase its production, retain its working force and equip them with the relevant tools to maintain the needed implementation of national policy. Governments are responsible for improving the health status and reducing inequalities in health outcomes of all people living in the country.

This task is achieved by working in collaboration with all parties in the health sector. Since the government cannot achieve this aim alone, it sees the private sector as one of supporting pillars for this programme which seeks to increase and sustain economic growth and reduce poverty. In support of the government of Ghana’s policies the Ohemaa’s Health Care and Youth Development Foundation was born.


OHCYDF seeks to address the above problems through its commitment to community youth development by establishing a Youth Learning Resource Centre. This is in line with the government’s youth programme to support the full and healthy engagement of young people in building sustainable community.


To systematically establish a healthy and conducive environment where the youth would be trained and assisted to develop their potentials.
To create the enabling environment and opportunities for the voices of youth to be heard and develop their leadership skills
To integrate youth into our community by involving those in work with other youths and adults to help them address their developmental needs while engaging in meaningful and productive work.


The foundation runs three academic programmes under three departments being:
High blood pressure detectors
Midwifery (diploma and auxiliary)
Literacy and vocational upgrading courses and skill training for needy youth of which only the blood monitoring programme is in operation.


The foundation provides a mini – home for about 20 children.
Blood pressure monitoring group training: about 10 –15 youth in the community have completed a 3months training on how to check blood pressure.
Computer course: the foundation trains these children in Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T) programme.


The foundation has a Cadet Corps and a Football team.


The foundation since its establishment is being funded by the salary of Colonel Sally Rhoda Mensah (proprietress).
Later the IGF generated a few increase to add to the salary of the proprietress. The proprietress is now on retirement and the IGF is not enough; this has affected the catering of the vulnerable children in our care as well as the stipends of the volunteered teachers.


1. Three(3) story classroom block
2. Playing items such as bouncing castle, slide, swing, footballs, volleyballs, basketballs and others.
3. Expansion of mini home
4. School bus
5. Books, Computers and others.

Train and Educate The Youth: Get a Balanced Nation
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