Train and Educate The Youth: Get A Balanced Nation

Ohemaa Basic Academy which is a sub set of the Ohemaa’s Health Care and Youth Development Foundation, was established on 14th May 2013 to cater for the needy but brilliant children, homeless, orphans and poor children in the environment.

The school was started due to the lack of basic school in the environment and location of the nearest one which was in Abokobi and Madina about five kilometres from the site. The few private schools around the area charge exorbitant fees that most parents of such children could not afford to send their wards to those schools.

The situation then led to children dropping out of school and becoming victims of child labour to survive and involving in criminal activities.
Looking at the plight of these children and their future, the OHCYDF established the OHEMAA BASIC ACADEMY to cater for these future leaders.


1. Pre – School Department
2. Primary Department
3. Junior High Department


This department caters for children between the ages 2 to 6 years and it is made of three classes namely Crèche (Cuties), Nursery (Honeybees) and Kindergarten (blueberries). Our caregivers, provide their best of support to nature and raise up these young ones.

We take part in various forms of activities that enhances the fine and gross motor skills of these children.
We also touch on every child's potential and work on them accordingly.


Our primary department consist of six classes ( Basic 1 - Basic 6). Our main focus is on learning and also training children based on their individual potential and talent.

Children in this  category have been trained to become creative writers, singers, actors and actresses among others.

Train and Educate The Youth: Get a Balanced Nation

This department is made of three (3) classes (J.H.S 1, J.H.S 2 & J.H.S 3).

Children at this department are well trained and prepared for the Basic education Certificate examination (BECE).


Increase in Population: The period under review had seen an increase in Ohemaa Basic Academy population from eight (8) children ((2) boys and four girls) to 200 (99boys and 101girls).

Uniforms: The foundation has provided three different forms of uniforms for these children which are worn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Computer course: The foundation trains these children in Information Communication and Technology (I.C.T) programme.

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